Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama's ignorance

I am starting to feel like a political analyst. Anyways....

Nevertheless, I must bring this to light. Obama is ignorant. If elected, he will be president. That means he will be the Commander in Chief, of which there is only one CINC in the US. What that means is he will be in direct command of 2 million people (active, reserve, national guard, civilian support, etc), equipment costing over $100 billion and a heritage that spans over 230 years. Military operations should not be announced in advance, which he alludes to. He has never served in the military, never commanded a military organization (Palin has with National Guard at least) and by the sound of his comments, has no clue what the US military is capable of or how to command them. If his impression of the military is based solely on Hollywerd, then God help us. We will all need it.

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