Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Rocks!

I tend to view myself as a Republican, unapologetic. I believe the GOP has values that align with Christianity. And thats a good thing, especially in todays day and age. But I was a little on the fence about John McCain. He is old. Old enough to cause concern for me. I have read Faith of my father, and firmly believe this man has more patriotism in his little finger that I do in my whole body, and I serve my country full time and part time. But John has such a deep and ardent affection for America, so much that I can not fathom. But he is old. He carries scar's from domestic and foreign infliction, badges of courage. But he is old.

And then came Sarah.....

Concern, no more. An NRA member that believes in SHOTGUN weddings! Yeehaa! Belittled for not having experience in the Beltway? Thats a PLUS. She hasnt been corrupted, influenced, swayed, brainwashed or otherwise ruined by the establishment.

McCain/Palin, the only choice.

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