Tuesday, June 24, 2008

...juggling balls & spinning plates while riding a unicycle

At least thats what my project felt like. Although I am an IT person by trade, I really feel like I should be reclassified as a fireman. Because all the stuff I do is like putting out fires.

The server move happened this last weekend. After a tumultuous month, it finally happened. One item of very interesting porportions happened when I informed our end users of the outage.

Issue #1 - The Burma typhoon just occured and my servers were needed to assist.
Issue #2 - "I" informed the end users. Big mistake. A contractor was telling government staff that I was shutting them down. Doesnt sit well with the military to do that.
Issue #3 - I didnt get permission from higher staff to bring down the network. This was probably the worst item of all. Before informing end users of an outage, permission has to be granted first, which I didnt do. Ouch.

Once the dust settled from this 1 little e-mail, all forward movement came to a streching halt like a Yugo playing chicken with the shinkansen.

I had to regroup and plan a different plan. And I did. I ended up moving half the servers without anyone noticing (he, he). Then, with persmission, I had 3 scheduled outages, 4 hours each. I ended up completing it in 8 so I got prop's for being "the man". In hind sight, I should of asked for 24 hours, complete it in 8 hours and REALLY be the man. Hhhhmmmm. Maybe next time.

All in all, I am glad its done. Next item up is the bandwidth upgrade. That should be a cinch. Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat place.


Rich said...

Surely you know about the "Scotty" principle! You figure out how long it will really take, times that figure by 4, and that is what you say you'll need. Then even when things go wrong and it takes you twice as long to do as you expected, you still did it in half the time you quoted! Then sit back and enjoy being the hero!

Scotty was no idiot! He finished Star Fleet academy if half the time he said he would, so he must be smart!

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