Friday, March 14, 2008

AI 08

OK, American Idol is back! For all the junk on TV today, American Idol is a refreshing change. Premise: Find talented people that might not have the time or means to get into the music business. Shortfalls: wading through waves of people with limited or no talent, but are convinced they do have talent because of thier tone deaf relatives who dont want to hurt their feelings by telling them the trueth.

So, the line up thus far has been pretty good. I dislike the cut from 24 people down to 12. Lackluster, too safe, using personal clothing and hairstyles that dont really add up to star quality. But now its over and we are now seeing high quality talent on the big stage. Some interesting characters this year. First off is Amanda. She is a 1 trick pony. She has a raspy janis joplin voice. Not sure if she is strong enough to last. Limited vocal ability. David Archuleta. Good voice, but the pressure may get him. He is only 17 and last week was a good example of why he might not make it (forgot the words twice - not good at this level).

The are 9 others that could possible take the title. Thing to remember is that it is a single elimination, so each and every person needs to sing like it is the last time they will ever sing in public. Time to bring the A game.

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Rich said...

Good to see you back! Em's favorite is David A. I think. I still have to catch up. I'm weeks behind.