Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Music

I am not ashamed to admint that I LOVE Christmas music. Its the only time of the year that songs about Jesus are played on radio stations and stores. The cheariness of the songs is awesome and the catchyness is infectious. One of my all time favorites is O Holy Night. Seems to not matter who sings it, as long as it is sung without "artist interpetation". But I have stubled upon a new song that has become an ear worm for me. A version of "Do You Hear What I Hear" by a band named Spiraling. What I like about this version is that they successfully merged my all time favorite Who song, Baba O'Riley with a Christmas song. Those of you familiar with CSI:NY will recognize Baba when it kicks in. The bubbling keyboards and thrashing of Keith Moons drums are distinct to say the least. I first heard this song on KSSK and was able to find a Youtube video (live footage - not as good as the studio version on radio) and love it. Very impressive musicianship to pull this off. Even has the interlude (or what ever its called) of Baba O'Riley but with Do You Hear lyrics, very cool.
House Intro version
Spiraling version

Being a geetar dude, *hear* are some other Christmas songs by famous guitar players:

Jimmy Hendrix - Little Drummer/Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne (classic Jimmy feedback)

Richie Sambora - O' Holy Night(Lead guitar for Bon Jovi (80's hairband))

Bing & Bowie -Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy (No guitar, but an all time classic)

Joan Jett - Little Drummer boy montage - funny if you know KISS, Elvis, LOTR's, Obi Wan and such


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