Saturday, May 5, 2007

Agnus Dei ROCKS

I've been hearing Third Days rendention of Agnus Dei on "DA Fish" a lot lately. I LOVE IT. Why does music touch my core? How is it that a couple of geetars and skins can move emotions? I think MWS sang this song first, beacuse when I went to find the tablature (cheating, I know) all the google hits refered to Mr Smith. But the thing that I love about Third Day is the distortion of the guitars! Now I know that I'm stuck in the eighties, having been influenced by the notorious hair bands that have caused a major hole in the ozone, but why cant worship music have distortion? Petra has some, Third day has plenty, the News Boys have some and they are all very good bands with solid Christian lyrics. Shouldnt Christian music more closely resemble main stream music so it would attract secular people by not being too "weird"? Why cant there be a Christian AC/DC? *Sigh*

I still dont have a job. About three weeks away from being laid off. Such a helpless feeling. Not hopeless of course but helpless. Need some stretching inthis area I am guessing. Thought about moving to Texas near my family.


Rich said...

We're praying for you, especially in light of this new possibility and its inherent challenge. (Cryptic on purpose).

vh1 said...

Thanks Rich.